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Frequently asked questions


How can I Benefit from B2B Pricer?

B2B Pricer gives you tenders on autopilot. When a company is creating a tender that matches your company profile you will receive an invite. You can than either choose to participate or turn it down.

What is the cost of using B2B Pricer?

It’s the cost of purchases related to run your daily operations.
You can either have a free account where you pay as you go, or you can have a subscription where you pay a monthly fee. More about pricing you can find in this link.

Why should I get a B2B Pricer account?

It’s actually your free of charge insurance policy not to miss out on relevant tenders.

I have received an invite from my customer what should I do?

Your customer is using B2B Pricer and wants you to be invited to the next tender.
Just click on the link and follow the instructions and you are done in no time.
Benefits is that you will also receive tenders from other potential prospects.
You can create a free of charge account or sign up for a subscription. More information about pricing you can find here. Watch this 3 min video about how to set up an account. If any question just contact our customer support.

I got an invite for a tender what should I do?

If you find that specific tender interesting, you should pay for the lead and you will automatically be invited to the tender. If you have a subscription, you just pay a monthly fee.
More about pricing here.

What is a lead?

It’s your ticket to participate in the tender. You can either you pay as you go, or you get a subscription. More information about the pricing can be found here.