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We are not saving the world, but we are solving two major problems within B2B

In our platform there are two stakeholders and two main problems we try to solve:

The buyer company who needs help finding the right suppliers and to handle the contracts.

Why should it be so hard to find and maintain the right suppliers?

This problem has existed from the beginning of commerce. As a company your focus needs to be on selling a product or a service, but to succeed you also need to have the right suppliers/partners.

It’s easy to spend hours sourcing for suppliers and to monitor them, what if you can put it on auto pilot?

That is exactly what B2B Pricer does. It helps you to find and maintain the right suppliers.
Create your account today, and yes it’s totally free of charge.

The supplier sales manager who wants to find new customers.

Everyone who has a background in sales knows it’s hard and requires timing , persistence and some say luck. What if it’s possible to simplify the life of a sales person. To be honest this is why we build the system.
Why should sales be so hard?

As a sales person you dream about contacting the right company at the right time, exactly when the company is starting the tender process and it´s eager to buy.
Could sales be on auto pilot, what if you instead of hunting the company let it contact you?

That is exactly what B2B Pricer does. Don’t miss out on a tender again just create a free of charge account.

You are welcome to contact us, and just so you know we are always looking for talented people to join our team to accomplish our mission to help suppliers and companies to have a simpler process for contract management and tenders.


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