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Tenders & Contract management simplified!

Use B2B Pricer for FREE – start saving money and gain control.

Do you keep track of when your contracts are expiring?


Do you analyze your suppliers in continuity?


Do you challenge your current contracts?



Based on your answers, you already have an effective way of working with your suppliers.

Just one last question before you carry on

– Do you still have manual processes for tenders and contract management?
If that is the case we can still help you to digitize them.
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You are most likely overpaying you suppliers,
but don’t worry we can help you.

It is simple, actually – B2B Pricer puts your suppliers into an infinity loop.
What this means is that the next time you sign a contract it’s recorded inside B2B Pricer, and you will be automatically notified as soon as it can be challenged.
At that point, you simply create a tender and receive offers from different suppliers.
Choose the right one, sign and store your contract inside B2B Pricer platform, and repeat the process.
And that’s exactly how you stop overpaying your suppliers and what we call tender and contract management simplified.

  • You overpay your suppliers
  • You lack control when your contracts expire
  • You have extremely manual processes when you run tenders
  • We make sure that you don’t overpay your suppliers
  • We give you full control of your contracts
  • We give you digital process for both tenders and contract management

Security and compliance

B2B Pricer is tailored to meet enterprise requirements, but simple enough to be used by the smallest companies.

  • Secure Azure servers located in Europe
  • Auth0 for secure login
  • Everything you do has a time stamp
  • Docusign inbuild for secure eSigning of contracts
  • You need to verify your account with Mobile BankID
  • You will not be sending out your tenders by email


Tender and contract management is traditionally a heavy task.
We have digitalized and simplified everything.

  • Easy to use
  • Start use instantly
  • No installations required as everything is in the cloud
  • Send tenders when it’s convenient
  • Get notifications when updates
  • You don’t have any excuse not to run a tender

Why using B2B Pricer is different

To keep track of all contracts when they expire and then challenge them instantly to secure best price is something many companies has neglected.

  • B2B Pricer tells you when to challenge a contract
  • It allows you to audit and rate your suppliers
  • Increased control and you know that you pay fair market price
  • It will help the company to gain a money cautious culture
  • You will spend less time running tenders
  • You can´t ignore overpaying your suppliers

New suppliers will open new possibilities

B2B Pricer will introduce you to new potential suppliers allowing your company to choose and maintain the right suppliers.

  • We find new suppliers you don’t need to search
  • With new suppliers comes new possibilities
  • Lower prices and better terms
  • Compare to what you have today and choose the best option
  • Your current suppliers will not take your business for granted
  • You can´t use the same suppliers year in year out without challenging the terms
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Amazing features

Plan ahead

  • Calendar functionality
  • Quotes when you need them
  • Make accurate plans

Create anonymously

  • Tenders are anonymous
  • No calls from sales people
  • You choose who to contact

Rate your suppliers

  • Give feedback
  • Ensure high-quality partners
  • Gain insight from others

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